I was reading a post recently about scheduling sex and I’m sure most people don’t see this as sexy or romantic.

I love scheduling sex. I love sending messages to my husband with dirty suggestions on what I’m going to do to him later and quick snatched photo’s of my tits in the toilet. Telling him I have no bra on, showing him what pants I have on, or not, and sending him dirty GIFs From Twitter.

The planning turns me on. The preparation and anticipation.

Anyone else feeling sinful this Sunday?

Click the lips to find out.

Sinful Sunday




So this is my first post!

As my title suggests I have been married a long time.

I married my best friend and we have grown up together, experimented together and been through a lot together. We look after each other, trust eachother and still want eachother!!

Blah, blah, blah.

Is it too annoying already?

I am hoping to start getting involved in some saucy activity and posting about my experiences, past and present.

Please ignore my bad grammar and punctuation. It’s not one of my strong points!


Let’s see what happens!!