I own a lot of lace.

I have Sexy lace, slutty lace, pretty lace and fuck me now lace. 

I love them all.

I love wearing an old pair of jeans and an oversized sweatshirt with some seriously Hot underwear underneath. 

Not sure where this lace body falls under.

Probably daytime pretty lace…

What do you think? 


Tweed Jacket

I think Autumn is my favourite season.

I love tweed jackets, the rough feel of the fabric. The history in the making. The practicality in cloth that keeps us warm but also has pattern and creativity. 

The different processes & people that go into making a garment from start to finish.

A forgotten craft, like many others. 


If it stays this quiet

How will you hear me. 
How will you hear my sighs of pleasure
The thrill and touch of us together.

If it stays this quiet
 I can not hear you.

Your gasps and groaning
My joyous moaning.

Let’s make some noise
You and me

The soundtrack of our life
Our ecstasy 



So this is my first post!

As my title suggests I have been married a long time.

I married my best friend and we have grown up together, experimented together and been through a lot together. We look after each other, trust eachother and still want eachother!!

Blah, blah, blah.

Is it too annoying already?

I am hoping to start getting involved in some saucy activity and posting about my experiences, past and present.

Please ignore my bad grammar and punctuation. It’s not one of my strong points!


Let’s see what happens!!